Transportation Details

Every year, the school transport routes are drawn up carefully after giving a consideration to the convenience of the parents. However, the decision of the school authorities on the route timings, pick-up point etc. will be final. Parents should contact the Transport In charge of the school for necessary details.

  • If the lanes are narrow and congested, nearest point will be fixed to pick and drop the child.
  • Kindly do not ask the driver to give a missed call before reaching the pickup/dropping point.
  • Kindly refrain from calling the driver on his mobile phone since this can disturb his concentration while driving.
  • The school transport can be discontinued only on a prior notice of one month
  • Parents will be intimated via SMS about the delay of the school transport only in case of a breakdown or change in vehicle. A 10-15 minutes delay due to traffic, etc. will not be informed.
  • The School provides transport to areas of Ghaziabad and East Delhi. Female staff is assigned transport duty on each route for the safety and security of the students. For smooth functioning, the Transport Manager remains in direct contact with drivers, bus helpers and teachers/maids who are assigned the transport duty. The School enables GPS in the school transport. Parents can track the school bus and also its whereabout. For this, app Geocrat can be downloaded in Android /iphone.
    Details of App.
    School Bus live
    School ID - GCI0004
    Select Your Route
    [email protected]
    Parents are requested t cooperate with school by ensuring that their children report at the fixed bus stop well on time.


Students entitled to travel on a school bus route must be responsible for maintaining order for discipline and safety. The rules mentioned below may thus be followed:

  • Transport facility is an optional service. Parents have to inform the school at the beginning of the year in writing, if their ward is availing bus facility provided by the school.
  • Bus facility is available on fixed routes with designated stops. The school reserves the right to re-route, continue or withdraw the bus service anytime.
  • No student can change his / her bus route without the approval of the Transport in charge.
  • Students are expected to maintain silence and behave in a disciplined manner at all times and are expected to remain seated while the bus is in motion. Playing games, swinging on over-head rails and running up and down in the bus is not permissible.
  • Students should not stand on the foot


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